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C 16/1E Calpeda End Suction Centrifugal Pumps

C 16/1E Calpeda End Suction Centrifugal Pumps



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Calpeda B-CM 20/A Centrifugal Pump 230v - Single Phase

C Series Centrifugal Pump with Open Impeller

Looking for a versatile pump solution for moderately dirty liquids or emulsions in your industry or agricultural applications? Look no further than the Calpeda C Series Centrifugal Pump with an open impeller.

Key Features:

Construction: These close-coupled centrifugal pumps boast an open impeller, offering flexibility for various liquid types. For Type C 16/1E, you get a free-flow impeller, ensuring efficient performance.

Materials: Choose between cast iron or bronze materials for the hydraulic components in contact with your pumped liquid. The B-C version comes with a bronze pump casing and lantern bracket, supplied fully painted.

Solid Handling: The open impeller design allows suspended solids up to 4 mm in size to pass through with ease.

Reliability: With a meticulously designed bearing and shaft system that reduces stress, our C Series pumps deliver exceptional reliability under all operating conditions.

Operating Conditions:

Operating conditions Liquid temperature from -10 °C to +90 °C.
Ambient temperature up to 40 °C.
Total suction lift up to 8 m.
Maximum permissible working pressure: 6 bar.
Maximum size of solids: 4 mm.
Continuous duty (S3 60% for C 22E).
Motor single-phase 230 V ± 10%, with thermal protector. Capacitor inside the terminal box.
insulation class F.
Protection IP 54.

Motor suitable for operation with frequency converter from 1,1 kW.

Compliance: Constructed in accordance with EN 60034-1, EN 60034-30-1, EN 60335-1, and EN 60335-2-41 standards.

Whether you need to handle varying liquid types, pass solids, or require a reliable pump for your industry or agricultural needs, The CalpedaC Series Centrifugal Pump with Open Impeller is here to deliver top-notch performance.