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SITI's metric worm gear units come in a choice of 12 different sizes, crafted from precision pressure die-cast aluminium and robust cast iron materials. These gearboxes offer compatibility with the most prominent European brands and provide a wide range of bolt-on components for tailored customisation to meet your specific application needs. This includes options such as helical input, double worm combinations, multiple output flanges per size, torque arm, shaft covers, and both single and double output shafts.

MI Series

The MI series represents a compact, circular-bodied metric reducer that excels where other gearbox designs fall short. Its notably smaller and lighter build compared to similar square cast iron counterparts translates to space and cost savings. With available ratios reaching up to an impressive 8,000:1 and a torque range spanning from 140 to 26,500 lb. inch, it proves ideal for commercial and industrial applications where size constraints are a consideration. The MI series, designed in metric measurements, seamlessly aligns with international brands, including VF and SWO type series.

Space Saving Designs

  • Flexible Mounting
  • Low Noise & Vibration Free
  • Cost-effective
  • Long Operating Life
  • Ratios from 7.5:1 to 8,000:1
  • Interchangeable with European Brands


  • 12 Sizes
  • Keyed Hollow Bore Standard or Plug-in Shaft
  • Lubricated for life (sizes 25-75)
  • B5 & B14 Motor Adapters
  • Double Extended Input or Output Shafts
  • Multiple flange & Feet Configurations
  • Torque Limiter Option


  • 0.5 – 15 HP input
  • Max torque = 26,550 lb. in. / 3,000 Nm
  • Differential Device provides Zero Speed


  • Packaging
  • Pumps
  • Conveying
  • Textile
  • Agitators
  • Logistics/Unit Handling
  • Food & Beverage


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