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E3KP6X659A E3 Bolted Versamatic Pump

E3KP6X659A E3 Bolted Versamatic Pump



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3" Bolted Plastic AODD Pump

The Versamatic 3" (76mm) bolted plastic AODD pump is designed to provide quick on/off reliability and rapid transfer of chemicals with safety and confidence. This pump is particularly suitable for bulk chemical transfer and waste treatment applications, such as filter press feed. With a maximum flow rate of 280 gpm (1,060 lpm), it offers efficient performance and several advantages.

3" (76mm) Bolted Plastic AODD Pump Features

Versamatic's 3" bolted plastic AODD pump incorporates innovative features that ensure optimal performance and reliable operation:

  • Patented, reliable air valve system
  • High chemical resistance
  • Diverse material offering
  • Class-leading air efficiency
  • Robust and solid construction
  • Non-freezing and non-stalling

With its reliable air valve system, the 3" bolted plastic AODD pump delivers consistent and trouble-free operation, maintaining the efficiency of your processes. The pump's high chemical resistance allows for the safe transfer of various chemicals, ensuring compatibility and reliability in demanding applications.

Choose from a diverse material offering to suit your specific requirements and ensure optimal performance. The class-leading air efficiency of this pump maximizes energy savings and reduces operating costs. Its robust and solid construction ensures durability and longevity.

Count on Versamatic AODD pumps to deliver consistency, reliability, and trouble-free operation, ensuring the smooth running of your processes.

Mounting Bolted Application E3 Size 3" (76mm) Pump Body PVDF KYNAR Wetside Material santroprene Flow Rate 0-280 gpm (1,060 lpm) Port Size (Suction) 3" ANSI 150 lbs Class (DIN80) Port Size (Discharge) 3" ANSI 150 lbs Class (DIN80) Air Inlet 3/4" NPT Air Exhaust 1" NPT Suction Lift (Dry) 20' (6.1 m) Max Solid Size (DIA) 3/8" (9.5 mm) Max Noise Level 93 dB(A) Suction Lift (Wet) Shipping Weight 123 Kg