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E4KA6X669 E4 Bolted Versamatic Pump

E4KA6X669 E4 Bolted Versamatic Pump



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Versamatic1 ½" (38mm) bolted plastic air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump provides versatile installation with adjustable porting options, including horizontal and vertical orientations. This pump is designed to deliver reliable performance and excellent chemical resistance for a wide range of applications.

Key features of the 1 ½" bolted plastic AODD pump include:

  • Maximum flows up to 100 gpm (378 lpm) for efficient fluid transfer
  • Chemically resistant all-plastic design for compatibility with aggressive substances
  • Class-leading solids handling capability, up to 0.47 inches (12 mm)
  • Industry-leading displacement per stroke of 0.43 Gal. / 1.63 L
  • Consistent on/off reliability for uninterrupted operation
  • Safe leak-free bolted design for enhanced safety
  • Conductive POLYPROPYLENE ATEX compliant models available for hazardous environments

The 1 ½" bolted plastic AODD pump is constructed with POLYPROPYLENE and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) materials. POLYPROPYLENE is a thermoplastic polymer known for its resistance to strong acids and alkalis, while PVDF is a durable fluoroplastic with excellent chemical resistance, high tensile strength, and impact resistance. The combination of these materials ensures optimal performance and durability.

This pump is particularly suitable for aggressive chemical transfer, waste treatment (filter press) applications, and metal finishing. Its portable size allows for easy transportation while maintaining high flow rates, making it a versatile solution for various industrial needs.

Application E4
Mounting Bolted
Pump Body (K) PVDF - Kynar
Wetside Material Santoprene
Flow Rate 0-100 gpm (378 lpm)
Port Size (Suction) 1 1/2" ANSI/DIN
Port Size (Discharge) 1 1/2" ANSI/DIN
Air Inlet 3/4" NPT
Air Exhaust 1" NPT
Suction Lift (Dry) 19' (5.8m)
Suction Lift (Wet) 29' (8.8m)
Max Solid Size (DIA) 0.47" (12 mm)
Max Noise Level 89 dB(A)
Shipping Weight 51 Kg