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KLM 50-600 T DAB Inline Pumps

KLM 50-600 T DAB Inline Pumps



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Flanged Inline Circulator Pump for circulating hot water in closed and pressurised or open tank centralised home heating and air conditioning systems.

Closed asynchronous motor, cooled by means of external ventilation Built-in thermal-current protection device and capacitor permanently on in thesingle-phase version To protect the three-phase motor it is advisable to use a magnetic starter with overload and undervoltage protection in compliance with current standards

Protection level: IP 55 Insulation class: F Made in accordance with CEI 2-3 standard Liquid temperature range: from -15Àš°C to +120Àš°C Pumped liquid: clean, free from solid and abrasive substances, not aggressive, not viscous, not crystallised and chemically neutral, close to water characteristics Maximum working pressure: 10 bar (1000 kPa)